Container railway transportation China – Ukraine – China

ZAMMLER offers Ukrainian business the opportunity to receive or send goods by rail in the following directions:

  • PRC -Ukraine
  • Ukraine – PRC

This service makes it possible to reduce the transportation time to 15-20 days in comparison with sea transportation.

Railway transportation China – Ukraine:

Railway transportation China – Ukraine: 40 dv / HQ containers are now sent once every 2 weeks to the China-Mongolia-Russia-Ukraine route. With the development of services and an increase in the turnover of goods, shipments become more frequent.

Trains run along the China-Mongolia-Russia-Ukraine route wthout stops.

The Ukrainian side accepts goods in Kiev at the Liski terminal with the possibility of further delivery “to the door” of the recipient.

The collection of applications for the following trains is now open (the schedule is being updated):


  • 21.04  Jinan – Kyiv
  • 22.04 Changsha – Kyiv
  • 23.04 Jinhua – Kyiv


  • 12.05  Jinan – Kyiv
  • 14.05 Jinhua – Kyiv
  • 17.05 Changsha – Kyiv
  • 26.05 Jinan – Kyiv
  • 28.05 Jinhua – Kyiv
  • 29.05 Changsha – Kyiv

Railway transportation Ukraine – China:

Dispatch takes place on schedule. If your order is 40+ containers, then the train will leave regardless of it.

The collection of applications for the next train is now open (the schedule is being updated):

  • 17.04 Kyiv-Jinhua

ZAMMLER provides for the favourable prices for these journeys and guarantees the seat reservations, including for August-September, during the high season.

By ordering this service from us, you get a number of benefits, because ZAMMLER is the reliable logistics partner with an extensive agency network all over the world and experienced professionals.

To get a consultation or order this service, please call +380666564700 to our expert Ekaterina Boboshko or write us a letter:

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