Contest for students from ZAMMLER

ZAMMLER Logistic Company Group Supported by the Ukrainian Logistics Association Announces the All-Ukrainian Contest of Student Works on “Transport Logistics: Access to the US Market”

If you are ambitious, not afraid of complicated tasks and dreaming of a career in logistics, this contest is exactly for you.

ZAMMLER Logistic Company Group allows to future logisticians assaying their strength and implement theoretical knowledge into practice. This is a real chance to become a part of one of the largest logistics companies in Ukraine.

“Raising the prestige of logistician profession and support of young professionals is one of the goals set in ZAMMLER. We are ready to invest in the future of logistics because the development of the whole country and particularly the logistics sector depends only on people and their professionalism. In this contest, we focus not so much on financial encouragement of students as on the possibility to realize personal potential in the profession. We set clear tasks and expect specific outputs. We choose leaders and see them part of our team,” said Viktor Shevchenko, Director General of ZAMMLER Group.

The task of this contest is to develop a complete business plan to purchase a transport company in the USA after preliminary analysis of the transport market.

Input data:

  • The contestant shall choose a company after preliminary market analysis and making arguments that influenced the choice of this particular company.
  • The company shall be real and already existing one in the U.S. transport market, it shall involve minimum staff and bring income (please note, it shall not be a loss-making company).
  • Company location: The location proposed by the administration is the East Coast or Midwest of the United States; another option of location is also possible, namely, at the discretion of the speaker with argumentation of the choice.
  • The contestant shall independently determine the company’s mission and a range of transport services (tents, refrigerators, tanks, container vehicles) to be rendered by the company.
  • The amount of possible investment ranges from 300 000 to 800 000 USD. (If there is a need for changes in the investment sum, the contestant shall provide calculations that were the basis for his/her decision-making).
  • The payback period is 3-4 years. (contestant shall develop a detailed argued plan for company development).

Required elements in the business project:

  • Brief analysis of the transport market (size, dynamics, potential). Market segmentation and choosing the key segments (according to transport services).
  • Competitive market analysis, analysis of competitors’ prices for transport services, justification of the decision to work on the market segment selected by a contestant. (In describing the study, it is recommended to use a standard method of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: existing competitors, potential competitors, competitors on the part of services who are substitutes, suppliers, consumers).
  • Description of legal business aspects. The main conditions for company activity in the market (list of permits to purchase an existing enterprise), requirements for compliance with regulatory and supervisory authorities (licensing, taxation and possible tax benefits and conditions for their collection, etc.).
  • Clear and detailed investment plan with timetable and stages of investment payback.
  • Predicted profitability calculation considering cost of investment and possible credit.
  • Staff schedule of the company.
  • Business development strategy for the first two years of company activity.
  • Proposals related to the system of key business indicators (KBI) to assess company activity. Prediction based on company outputs in KBI system by the end of the first and second year of activity.

Project form: project business plan.

Contest stages: two stages:

Stage 1 – contestants submit their work to the arrangements committee of the contest,

Stage 2 – Jury selects the best work and invites its author for a personal presentation and detailed project review.

Deadline for work submittal: 24 February 2017.

Selection criteria: the main criterion is idea feasibility, singularity of marketing strategy, possibility of its implementation and practical significance of obtained results, justification of economic efficiency of the project.

The prize fund:

First place: 7000 UAH and involvement of the winner into implementation of the described project with fellowship in the USA during one year.

Second place: 3000 UAH and lunch with ZAMMLER Director General.

Third place: fellowship in ZAMMLER.

Young, creative and ambitious students are welcomed in the contest !!!

Please, send your work to the following address:

Ukraine, 04071, Kyiv,  2A, Kostiantynivska St., “ULA” office, floor 2.

Send electronic version of your work to:

Thank you for your feedback!
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