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A company of the ZAMMLER GROUP has received the TAPA certificate (cargo safety standard)

Polish representative office of the group of logistics companies ZAMMLER, company ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. received TAPA TSR certification. This is an international standard for the safety of cargo transportation, which provides for a number of requirements for the movement of goods by road. The presence of this certificate indicates that the logistics provider has complied with all security measures provided for by the standard to ensure the safety of goods from outside interference, including from mechanical and thermal effects.

The issues of cargo safety in supply chains have always been and remains relevant for logisticians. Today, during a global pandemic and economic instability, the attention of business is even more focused on guaranteeing the inviolability of cargo, its delivery in proper quality and on time. ZAMMLER, being a company that adheres to world business standards, not only offers its customers a full range of high-quality logistics services, but also meets modern challenges and current market needs.

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