From 21st April 2016 the Polish transport and logistics company ROLAS TRANS LTD renamed to ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o. The decision to change the company name was made by the founders of ROLAS TRANS LTD in early 2016. From now on, ZAMMLER Group will provide transport and logistics services in Poland under the brand name ZAMMLER that indicated the use of unitary standards of quality and technology customer service. “Application of the customer service standards by the European company, that were developed by ZAMMLER Group, is the index of output of our group to a new level”, – said the General Director of “ZAMMLER UKRAINE” LLC Viktor Shevchenko. He emphasized that standardized service technologies in Europe, particularly in Poland, promote the opportunities for the logistics market and influence on the creation of a more competitive cost of service to customers. Director of ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o. Oleg Rachov informed about the company’s plans to expand the storage space. According to him, in 2017 the service fulfilment will be provided by the Polish company. They are currently implementing a test project for the Ukrainian customer. Fulfillment provides a full range of logistics operations for e-Commerce. On the Ukrainian market this service is available under the brand ZAMMLER from 2015. ZAMMLER Group began its way with the founding of the company “ZAMMLER UKRAINE” in 2007 and, in the almost ten years, has grown to an international level. The companies of ZAMMLER Group provide services in the field of shipping, air and road transportations, customs brokerage services and a full range of warehousing services. For today, the company has offices in Europe and Asia and, as of April 2016, has 6 companies: – “ZAMMLER UKRAINE” LLC (Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa); – “ZAMMLER SKLAD” LLC (Ukraine: Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Martusivka and Odessa); – “ZAMMLER MLC” LLC (Ukraine:. Bila Tserkva); – “ZAMMLER FULFILMENT” LLC (Ukraine: Kyiv region, Brovarskiy R-n, Krasilovka); – Ningbo Zammler Trading Co LTD (PRC, Nngbo); – ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o. (Poland: Pruszkow, M.). ZAMMLER has a policy of geographic expansion of the group of companies and implements common standards of service technologies in logistics.