ZAMMLER dostarczył wiosenne ubrania i buty dla dzieci z sierocińca Orshiv

ZAMMLER Company with support of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Pomazanov Andrey Vitalyevich purchased the full sets of spring clothes and shoes for orphans and children deprived of parental care from the Orshivsk orphanage “Romashka” in Chernivtsi region. The help for children has already been sent and is expected to arrive on March 31st. ZAMMLER delivers the beneficent help to Orshivsk by its own transport capacity. 67 of the orphanage children will be dressed in comfortable, warm clothes and wear comfortable shoes made by quality producers. “Primarily, the Ukrainian business should be socially responsible. We feel such responsibility, that is why our company regularly provides assistance to the children of socially unprotected categories. We believe that children are the priceless potential of our country”, – said the General Director of ZAMMLER Viktor Shevchenko. “Who if not we should take care about children and help them by providing such basic, but very necessary things”, – said Andrey Pomazanov. ZAMMLER expresses sincere gratitude to the people’s Deputy Pomazanov Andrey Vitalyevich for active participation in this charity event!