The winner of ZAMMLER competition had internship in the company

Anna Parkhomenko, the student of the Pryazovskyi State Technical University, won in the all-Ukrainian contest “Creation of integrated information space with the aim of supply chain management. I see so!” in June. Anna won in the special nomination of ZAMMLER Company “IT-solutions for Fulfillment centre”. As the award Anna received the monetary reward from ZAMMLER, as well as the opportunity to undertake the practical internship in the company. In October, the student spent two weeks in the team of ZAMMLER Company. Anna got acquainted with the peculiarities of work of the logistic company, visited the logistics centres and saw the implementation of the Fulfillment services in practice. “It was an invaluable experience for me. All students will understand me – it is one thing to read about the logistics processes in the books and listen to lectures at the University, and the other one – is to see how it works “from the inside”. I am grateful to each member of ZAMMLER team for accepting me in friendly and professional family. We are young and ambitious students and it is important for us to learn from the experience of professionals, to see their interest in potential staff members. It inspires and gives impetus to the self-development and self-belief”, – said Anna. In turn, the General Director of ZAMMLER group Viktor Shevchenko noted: “The crucial component of the success of our company is a world-class team. First of all, ZAMMLER consists of people, who are top-ranking specialists, and only then – we can talk about quality technologies. I am convinced that today we need to raise the prestige of the profession of logistician, to give talented students the opportunity to realize their abilities. This is the only way how the logistics industry could come to a qualitatively new level and remain competitive in the international market. The future of the Ukrainian logistics – is in the professionals. Viktor Shevchenko personally thanked to Anna for her hard work, thirst for knowledge and a desire for professional growth in the logistics sphere. Also the General Director of ZAMMLER Company mentioned that because of the student’s desire for work, in the future may be considered the question in respect to her employment in the company.
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