ZAMMLER Company advertisement video presentation

Art in logistics: ink drawing and journey into the history. We are presenting our advertisement video containing information on the complex of services provided by ZAMMLER COMPANY. The corporate video emphasises the history of logistics since antiquity to the present day, and the key services of the Company are illustrated using the ink. Chief Executive Officer of the Company himself presents the whole scope of information. He makes notes in his notebook proceeding from one service to another and familiarizing the audience with the Company activities and opportunities. Turning over the blank sheet of paper he calls the audience to write this page together and the phrase “Let’s make history of logistics together” appears as a packshot. “While conducting out activities we always serve the interests of our clients and try to do the same while advertising our services – the viewer shall in no case be bored while watching advertisement. I am certain that such presentation of information on logistics services shall stick in the memory of our prospective customers”- stated Viktor Shevchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of ZAMMLER GROUP. It is worth mentioning that the Company is the first among the B2B segment logistics companies to present such type of advertisement. The video was created by Branding Agency in general partnership and in cooperation with Communication Agency “UK communications”.

The new Company advertisement video is here: