Contract logistics

Responsible storage of loads of goods is an integrated logistics service for storage, maintenance and handling of loads. The contract logistics from ZAMMLER means reliability, quality and professional approach to each transaction. Our services give customers the ability to reduce the time and costs at all stages of distribution and logistics operations.


At the disposal of ZAMMLER there is:

in Ukraine

  • two “A” class warehouses:

The Martusivka Village, Boryspilskyi District, Kyiv Region (the WMS-system (Qguar), loading and unloading machinery, the distance from the Kyiv City is 16 km);

The Krasylivka Village, Brovars’kyi District, Kyiv Region (the WMS-system (Qguar), loading and unloading machinery, the distance from the Kyiv City is 17 km);

  • one “B+” class warehouse:

The Odesa City, (the WMS-system (Qguar), located in the City, with a railway line and the possibility of transshipment for multimodal transport, the overall front of goods wagons supply is 7 units).

  • Two “B” class warehouses:

The Lviv City, (the WMS-system (Qguar), located in the City, loading and unloading machinery);

The Dnipro City (the WMS-system (Qguar)).

  • Warehouse class: “A”;
  • anti dust coating of floor;
  • temperature condition from +15 to +24 Сº;
  • steam fire protection system;
  • 24h closed-circuit television system;
  • Warehouse Management System – Qguar;
  • equipment: 40 units of loading/unloading machinery;
  • easy access ways;
  • parking space.
Warehouse services:
  • range of loading, unloading and cargo processing works;
  • temporary, permanent, secure storage; customs-licensed warehouse;
  • accounting, sorting, consolidation, packaging, marking;
  • preparation for transport, inventory, cross-docking;
  • production of wooden containers for transport;
  • utilization;
  • preparation of necessary documents and records.



Additional warehouse services





Cross docking

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