ZAMMLER专家 – CUTIS教育计划的培训师

More than 1.5 year ZAMMLER GROUP has been productively cooperating with Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support project – CUTIS and sharing its experience in logistics with the exporters. The project primary goals are related to the developing and increasing of Ukrainian goods and services export to Canada as well as Canada investments attracting to Ukraine. For a week (September 10-14), the specialists from regional Trade and Industrial Chambers have been trained upon the program “How to Export to Canadа», being the part of the CUTIS project.  This program is intended to create a broad network of qualified regional experts to assist Small and Medium Enterprises in entering the Canadian market.  The specialists, having participated in training, shall further consult the enterprisers in all matters, connected with the goods and services export to Canada. Particularly:  search of business partners, new market-entry strategies generation, conduct of negotiations, logistics, regulatory demands, customs clearance and etc. ZAMMLER company experts Kateryna Kolesnyk and Stanislav Tolochnyi conducted trainings, where they discussed the key issues related to logistics planning and customs clearance when exporting to Canada, and were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation by CUTIS. The next education (training) program stage – local trainings for the exporters.