ZAMMLER joined the celebration of European Supply Chain Day in higher educational institutions

On April 11, our western neighbors celebrated European Supply Chain Day. ZAMMLER company as always joined the celebration of European Supply Chain Day in Ukrainian higher educational institutions and participated in two projects: celebration of Logistics Specialist Gay hosted by the Department of Marketing and Logistics of the Institute of Economics and Management of Lviv Polytechnic National University and logistics Brain Ring held by the Department of Logistics of the National Aviation University. Brief description of the events: – As a part of celebrations dedicated to European Supply Chain Day, Lviv Polytechnic National University organized interesting excursions for the students aimed at extension of their knowledge in logistics and held several meetings with experienced logistics specialists. Logistics Specialist Day celebration ended on April 11 with master-class where the students were allowed to increase their knowledge and skills, and participate in the issue-related game “Business on the Move”. Winners were awarded with prizes and congratulated by ZAMMLER company. – On April 17, the Department of Logistics of the National Aviation University in cooperation with ZAMMLER company held logistics Brain Ring for the students. Interesting questions including the question from Viktor Shevchenko, Chief Executive Officer, were prepared by the company specialists for the participants. The Company awarded both the winners and the most active participants with special prizes. ZAMMLER GROUP being interested in further development of the field of logistics always welcomes the ideas aimed at extending knowledge of future specialists. We would like to inform that the education project – interactive marathon «ZAMMLER’S LOGISTICS EXPERIENCE FOR Z-GENERATION» initiated by ZAMMLER company in cooperation and with the support of Kyiv National Trade and Economics University still continues. Marathon will be ended with logistics quest dedicated to European Supply Chain Day.
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