Official presentation of the results of the study “Digitization in the transport business: sectoral control”

Digitalization rapidly intrudes into various fields of activities including the transport infrastructure.  Digitalization processes have been a focus of attention for years and it stimulated the specialists in the field to conduct a research – to determine the benefits and risks associated with implementation of digital solutions in the transportation industry and to evaluate the market players’ expectations of the current digital solutions. The results were presented on 31st October before the key specialists of the Center for Transport Strategies, Tax and Legal Department of Deloitte, Ukrainian Railways, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority SE, Directorate for Digital Infrastructure and Transport and the corporate respondents including ZAMMLER GROUP. The experts concluded that the transportation industry would in the immediate future face the new type of competition being the digital competition. Service level will be assessed in terms of the digital opportunities of the service company. Both the business enterprises and the state authorities recognize the importance of responding to the changes. However, the lack of funds for digital solutions implementation hinders the global digitalization of the transport infrastructure. The port industry is also influenced by the ports decentralization resulting in uneven development in the field. What are the key issues that the state authorities will focus on in the nearest time? Automation of interaction between the automobile carriers and the state authorities, and the “internet of things” implementation in the port and railway industry as well as a number of the other innovations aimed at the passenger transportation digitalization. It must be emphasised that both the state authorities and the business enterprises clearly understand the significance of synchronization for acceleration and efficiency of the digitalization implementation at all the levels of activity. And it is definitely a crucial strategic decision both for the business enterprises and the whole country.