Ukrainian Logistics Business Forum 2018. S.Tolochnyi: Single window – potential changes and their reasons

Under the constant legislative and economic changes, all types of business enterprises face difficulties in immediate adaptation to new framework of market relations. Interchange of experience, special tools for risks reduction, specific aspects of cooperation with law enforcement and regulatory authorities, logistics market players support and position strengthening under such conditions are the primary tasks of Ukrainian Logistics Business Forum 2018, held on the 23rd of November. ULB-2018 forum participants discussed burning issues in transport and logistics areas, in particular, the logistics market players power to alter existing rules. Stanislav Tolochnyi, the Head of Customs and Brokerage Department of ZAMMLER GROUP delivered a speech during the panel discussion “Business rules: Do the companies want to follow them? And who makes the rules?”. He gave expert estimation of newly-introduced law “Single window”, explained potential future changes and their reasons. “Novations offer some advantages. Customs and Border Guard services shall remain the only border protection authorities. Radiologists and Environmentalists (formerly, being mandatory inspection participants) are involved in cases when the specialized experts’ examination is determined to be necessary while conducting preliminary inspection. It significantly simplifies and reduces the time, needed for customs control and clearance. However, the Law prescribes mandatory State control over food products, fodders and fodder additives. It requires concluding an agreement with the Veterinary Service and results in additional expenses, incurred by the importers. Besides those points of procedure, cargo customs clearance both at the customs authority and within the “Single window” system is slowed down by the absence of Approved Economic Operator as well as insufficient automation of some procedures, still performed by human. “The State shall continue customs control procedure simplification, excluding human factor from the logistics chain.” – summarized the expert.