ZAMMLER represented Ukraine at the meeting of the Silk Road Economic Alliance in China

With the purpose of developing trade-economic cooperation between the countries of Europe and Asia, the third meeting of the Silk Road Economic Alliance in the People’s Republic of China was held. Among the participants of the event were delegates from 8 countries-members of the Alliance (Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan). Ukraine at the meeting was presented by the development Manager of ZAMMLER Company – LarysaMelnychuk.
During the meeting, the countries-members of the Alliance introduced the national peculiarities of doing business, and discussed the types and forms of investments, preferences and government guarantees.
During the speech of LarysaMelnychuk, she stressed on the necessity of taking into account logistics processes in the framework of commodity exchange.
«One of the factors of successful business is making the right logistics decisions. The production price depends onlogistics processes, for this reason you have to pay special attention to their optimization. This will significantly effect on the price of freight transportations and encourage the commodity exchange between the countries located on the «Silk Road», – said LarysaMelnychuk.
On meeting results the participants signed the Joint Operating Plan for promotion of trade and economic cooperation between the Xinjiang Production and ConstructionCorps and the countries of the Silk Road Economic Alliance. Among the main points were identified: the strengthening of trade-economic and project cooperation, the establishment of a platform for further cooperation, the adoption of appropriate measures to facilitate trade between countries-members of the Alliance, further exchange of the information on political news, investment climate, conditions for foreign economy and trade.
The delegates also attended the Third exhibition EXPO Oasis industry of Xinjiang Production and ConstructionCorps (XPCC) and the Fifth exhibition EXPO “China-Eurasia”, where they had the opportunity to present the services of companies.
The New «Silk Road» (The Eurasian Land Bridge) — is the rail transport route for moving freight and passengers overland from the industrial centres of China to Europe.
The Silk RoadEconomic Alliance– is the non-government organization, the office of which is located in the City ofUrumqi(Xinjiang). The activities of the organization directed at practical implementation of the cooperation projects between the countries-members of the Alliance. The major tasks of the Economic Alliance are: assistance in the creation of new fields and channels of cooperation, organization of business-fairs, market analysis, development of advanced technologies, the search for external channels of communication to establish cooperation, assistance in finding potential partners, attract private businesses and potential investors to cooperation, the establishment of international relations.
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