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Audyt logistyczny

In times of economic instability, support is needed more than ever. Being a socially responsible company, we at ZAMMLER decided to help business maintain balance in such a difficult period.

Our new project will optimize the logistics processes of your business.

ZAMMLER’s logistic audit is a fruitful work with our leading specialists. As a result, you will receive an analysis of the existing supply chain, as well as recommendations for its optimization.

This is our social contribution to the rehabilitation associated with the crisis due to COVID-19.

Logistic audit is useful if:

  • There were problems in the warehouse with the planning of the turnover;
  • You aim to significantly reduce the cost of operating the logistics system;
  • Want to improve the quality and optimize the service time;
  • Evaluate in detail the usefulness of each contractor to your company.

Take advantage of the range of services and improve your logistics.

If you are a legal entity registered in Ukraine for more than 3 years and carry out import and export activities, feel the need for expert assistance and are ready to get acquainted with an alternative vision of your logistics processes, please fill in the briff and we will contact you within 3 working days:

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Audyt logistyczny
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