Freight transportation by train on the China-Ukraine route is gaining popularity

Logist.FM asked ZAMMLER about the advantages and subtleties of this service and found out that:

– Partner status gives ZAMMLER tangible advantages: special rates for customers and preferences with the availability of places. The demand is constantly growing. For example, a few months ago there were about 30 containers on the China-Ukraine train, now the number has reached 54 platforms.

– There are some restrictions when transporting goods by direct train. Only general cargo (no temperature conditions, safe) in 40HC containers are accepted for shipment. According to the requirements, the number of UKTVED codes in one container should not exceed 6 codes, and the number of senders should not be more than two. This greatly complicates the possibility of delivering groupage cargo. But, despite this, delivery by rail is much faster than the sea. Direct train transit times are more predictable and well suited for deliveries of goods with clearly defined contract terms.

That is why the relevance of this type of transportation is gaining popularity and all trains on this route are booked far in advance.

Full interview can be found here.

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