Customs brokerage services

The ZAMMLER Companies Group provide a whole spectrum of cargo customs services. Our experts offer 24h consultations on concluding a contract for delivery, documents processing and after customs clearance. We provide:

  • customs brokers services; cargo customs services;
  • customs clearance for temporary import/export, transit etc, for the shortest period of time;
  • accreditation at customs office;
  • legal advice on different customs regimes;
  • full support for external economic operations: advisory on contracts and shipping documentation (invoice, packing list, CMR, Carnet TIR , etc.) according to existing legislation;
  • determination of commodity code of goods, advisory on commodity code according to tariff and non-tariff regulations; calculation of customs clearance price and cost planning;
  • issuance of all necessary documentation for customs procedure (certification, SES conclusions, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates, licensing, approval documents);
  • consultations on customs duties and duty relief terms and conditions;
  • EUR1 certification for various types of goods;
  • customs clearance under ІМ40ЕА declaration which allows the vehicle, after crossing the border, to deliver freight right to consignee’s warehouse (exempt from domestic customs office examination), that helps to save time and expenses for shipment;
  • warehouse services (temporary storage warehouse; bonded warehouse);
  • customs disputes resolution, appeal of illegal decisions and regulations of customs authority.
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