Railway transportations throughout Ukraine from ZAMMLER company is the opportunity to deliver swiftly the heaviest and sizable cargo. Compared with other modes of delivery, the railway transportation of cargos throughout Ukraine is the most affordable from the financial perspective. We take all opportunities in order the railway transportations to be efficient and meet all customer needs. At the same time, the share of expenses is optimal.

Types of the railway transportations throughout Ukraine

Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, the following types of railway transportations are distinguished:

  • small transportations;
  • low-tonnage;
  • route;
  • group;
  • container.

Our employees analyze the weight, volume and dimensions of the cargo and determine the most convenient mode for its shipment. We also provide multimodal transportations using different types of transport. With the help of special platforms, the cargo of any type is easily loaded to the sea or air transport.

Assistance in arrangement of the railway transportations of cargos throughout Ukraine

If you need the delivery of cargos between the cities of Ukraine where the rail tracks are laid, we will help to do this qualitatively and promptly. Forwarding is carried out in all directions and followed by arrangement of logistics routes. At the same time, we are doing everything possible so that the routes offered to our clients to be clearly planned as well as additional services – insurance, legal support – to be offered.

Cost of the railway transportations throughout Ukraine

The cost of the railway transportations throughout Ukraine depends on the weight and dimensions of the cargo as well as on the length of the route. Each order is processed individually taking into account all customer’s wishes. We can transport liquid, bulk, solid, packed and oversize cargo. And the delivery time is not affected by the weather conditions and other external factors.

How to order railway delivery of cargos in Ukraine?

To order the necessary railway delivery of cargos throughout Ukraine, it is enough to contact our managers. They will explain in detail the terms of cooperation with us as well as offer the most optimal options for transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in the company’s rates for the services and want to know when the shipment from the platform is carried out, please contact us. And you will receive the detailed consultation as to all the questions.

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