ZAMMLER GROUP participates in the project on technical support provision “Assistance to the Governmental Authorities of Ukraine in Development of the National Transportation Model and Master Plan”

The international representatives of Master Plan Project asked ZAMMLER GROUP to give its expert opinion in the course of implementation of the project on favouring the development and modernization of the transport sector in Ukraine in accordance with the National Transport Strategy, During his stay in Kyiv, Mr. Jose Caseres, the international expert in logistics, initiated a meeting with ZAMMLER GROUP to discuss the following issues, in particular: – the problems and challenges related to governmental regulation of logistics, development of logistics infrastructure; – weak points connected with institutional organization, operating activities or infrastructure; – range of services rendered; – market structure in Ukraine. The above-mentioned project is aimed at fostering the development and modernization of the transport sector of Ukraine in accordance with the National Transport Strategy. In the course of the present project, assistance in the matters related to governmental control, facilitation of the investment planning in the transport sector is given for the purposes of: – analysis of existing transport system and determination of deficiencies/weaknesses to be strengthened; – quantitative estimation of current demand and supply of services in the transport sector; – development of the national multimodal transportation model and etc.; The meeting, except Mr. Caseres, was also attended by Ms. Alla Novikova, the international expert in automobile roads (Ukraine). ZAMMLER GROUP was represented by Anton Tsymbal, the Commercial Director, Oleksandr Kyryliuk, the Head of the International Transportation Department, Oleksandr Voronianskyi, the Head of the Department for Regional Shipment and Larysa Melnychuk, the Business Development Manager. In the course of the meeting the participants discussed all the scheduled issues; it is also important to observe the representatives of ZAMMLER GROUP, being the experts of the logistics market of Ukraine, personally provided information concerning the problems and challenges in the domain, possible solutions as well as general assessment of prospects for the development of transportation and logistics realm. The similar meetings with various industry associations, in particular Association of International Automobile Carriers and Ukrainian Logistics Alliance, were also held. ZAMMLER experts and international guests will continue further cooperation. Nowadays, we are looking forward for a work plan to agree the details and confirm its suitability for implementation.