Ekaterina Khorsieva, director of the Odessa department of “Zammler Ukraine” group of companies made a presentation at the special annual exhibition

Major actors of logistics services market signed a Memorandum of cooperation initiated by Ukrainian Logistics Association (ULA). A group of Zammler companies supported the ULA initiative by signing the Memorandum along with other logistics providers.

The Memorandum formulates an agreement between signatories to the Memorandum to take all necessary efforts in the area of establishment and development of logistics services market  in Ukraine based on the principles of fair competition, universal ethical standards, ultimate promotion of technology progress, HR development and meeting the needs of logistics services consumers to a maximum possible extent.

This cooperation will strongly adhere to current Ukrainian laws, international treaties of Ukraine and the Company’s corporate policy.

The Parties expressed their commitment to:

  • Having regular meetings to discuss problem areas, challenges and objectives evolving in the course of functioning and development of logistics services market;
  • Sharing information of non-confidential nature that might foster enhancement of business effectiveness and improvement of quality of services;
  • Involvement in the development of national logistics service quality standards;
  • Involvement in the development of transparent rating criteria for various nominations determining the best of logistics providers or their representatives;
  • Involvement in the development of other projects facilitating the Ukrainian logistics market development.

Decisions within the memorandum shall be developed and made in the format of meetings organized by Ukrainian Logistics Association and other stakeholders (initiators).