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Less then truckload shipping (LTL)

Transportation of groupage cargo (LTL) – is a profitable offer for those who send small consignments. We complete various cargoes in one vehicle and send across all Ukraine, and also to / from the countries of Europe, the Baltics, the CIS.

Delivery of groupage cargo has its own specifics – delivery times depend on the formation of the vehicle. But the cost is much lower than the cost of individual shipments of complete cargo. This takes into account the characteristics of the cargo and the conditions of its storage and transportation.

Extensive experience in the transportation of groupage cargo, established links with warehousing and transport operators in key delivery regions, as well as our own modern fleet and warehousing infrastructure allow for rapid consolidation and further transportation of goods.

Transportation is carried out by our own fleet, as well as the transport of our partners.

35% of the vehicles used for transportation are refrigerators, 65% are tilt trucks. This ratio of transport allows for transportation for different segments, including the transportation of goods that require temperature.

ZAMMLER also offers its customers customs clearance of groupage cargo, warehousing services.

Advantages of transportation of groupage cargoes with the ZAMMLER company

Due to the fact that each customer has special requirements for transportation, we offer appropriate delivery options. Therefore, cooperation with us has many positive aspects:

  • The opportunity for the customer to receive the required number of goods without additional costs for individual shipment;
  • Own fleet in Ukraine and Europe, as well as an extensive partner network;
  • We guarantee timely delivery of your cargo;
  • Cargo insurance and documentary support;
  • International transportation of groupage cargo is carried out on a regular basis;
  • Cargo location tracking 24/7, customer information support.

Types of delivery of consolidated goods across borders

Moving consolidated goods between different countries is a very popular service. But it has some features that determine the delivery time. This is the length of the route, the number of customers and the type of cargo. As well as the period of storage in a consolidated warehouse and the speed of processing the necessary documents at customs.

Among the types of transport that can deliver consolidated cargo, not only road, but also air, sea and rail. And since we provide a full range of logistics services, the terms of registration and delivery are significantly reduced, due to the development of individual solutions for each client for a specific request.

Delivery of groupage cargoes from Europe

Delivery of groupage cargoes from Europe by our company is carried out quickly and constantly. Transportation by road is quite profitable for the client – both financially and in terms of time costs. Freight turnover includes both the delivery of goods to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Europe.

Today, international delivery of groupage cargo has become in demand in various industries. In addition, in groupage – cargo delivery is cheaper. While a truck or container is being formed, the goods are in storage under guard in special conditions.

Delivery of groupage cargoes across Ukraine

The service of delivery of groupage cargoes between the cities of Ukraine is also in demand. Each consignment goes through a number of stages:

  • Delivery to the consolidation warehouse;
  • Preparation for departure;
  • Registration of necessary documents;
  • Delivery of cargo to the consolidation warehouse;
  • Delivery of partial loads to the address.

At each stage, our staff carefully monitors the transportation process so that each shipment reaches its destination. Only a clear organization of the whole process guarantees the success of cooperation with customers.

How to arrange delivery of groupage cargo?

To arrange delivery of groupage cargo, you should contact our company by phone number in the header of the site or by sending an application. Shipment of groupage cargo is carried out immediately after the complete completion of the vehicle. The client agrees with the managers on the conditions of storage, transportation and delivery of goods to be included in the freight team.

Having concluded the necessary contract for the provision of services, we take responsibility for the received cargo, as well as offer additional services – insurance, assistance in drawing up all the necessary documents.

The cost of delivery of groupage cargo

The cost of delivery of groupage cargo depends on many factors: the length of the route, the number of customers, the type of cargo and additional features of transportation, which the customer must notify in advance at the stage of agreeing on terms and cost of services. Own fleet and warehouses, as well as a developed infrastructure of warehouses and transport partners throughout Ukraine, Europe, the Baltic countries and the CIS, allow you to consolidate and transport groupage cargo to any destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about when the road transportation of groupage cargo is carried out and what additional services our company can offer for the transportation of groupage cargo, can always be asked to our specialist by contacting the number indicated on the website, or using the feedback form below.

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