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Services in China

Ningbo Zammler Trading Co. Ltd provides comprehensive support for foreign trade agreements in China (PRC).

A team of professionals will provide you with a full range of services in the field of export-import activities, starting from the search for goods (products / raw materials) and ending with its delivery to your warehouse:

■ purchase of goods in the domestic market of China;
■ comprehensive logistics services, including export-import clearance on a door-to-door basis;
■ search for buyers of your products in China;
■ representation of the client’s interests in order to optimize costs (production, logistics).

If necessary, we will provide prompt delivery of samples and catalogs by express mail (EMS, China post, DHL, etc.) to any region of the country.

Search for manufacturers in China

Finding a manufacturer in China for start-ups is the most important step. The future of business depends on it‘s result. The beginning of cooperation with an unscrupulous manufacturer will inevitably lead to the collapse of business.

Carrying out an independent search for manufacturers in China, an entrepreneur who does not have sufficient practical experience puts his business at enormous risk. Many companies carry out the production process on the territory of the Celestial Empire. However, some of them use low-quality materials and raw materials for production. Of course, with such an organization of the production process, the products are characterized by improper quality.

Finding a manufacturer in China is a starting point in business. Cooperation with an unscrupulous manufacturer or supplier will lead to undesirable consequences. Instead of receiving quality goods, there will be a shortage or resort.

When searching for suppliers in China, it is important to pay attention not only to the quality of the products provided. To run a successful business you need to have reliable partners focused on:

■ clear execution of the order;
■ strict compliance with delivery deadlines;
■ making constructive decisions when conducting business negotiations.

ZAMMLER specialists, who are located directly in China, provide professional assistance in finding suppliers in China and help you find manufacturers of goods (products / raw materials) that interest you in the given characteristics.

The benefits of professional sourcing manufacturers in China

Finding reliable, proven suppliers from China is one of the functions of our representative office. ZAMMLER specialists, searching for a supplier from China, takes responsibility for:

■ negotiating with manufacturers who are considered as future potential reliable business partners;
■ checking the quality of the goods, compliance with the characteristics stated by the manufacturer;
■ checking the conditions for delivery of goods.

The specialists of our company ZAMMLER take as a basis the wishes and key requirements of the customer regarding the products he needs to purchase. The search, carried out by highly professional specialists, provides the optimal result in the form of quality goods. With such cooperation it is possible to prevent all sorts of risks, to obtain additional guarantees.

How is the process of finding Chinese manufacturers is carried out

Our specialists provide services to find the best Chinese manufacturer.

To find a buyer in China, the best partner, cooperation with which will effectively shape the range of the store, our company takes the following steps:

  1. specification of all details of the future technical task (with the exact indication of parameters and characteristics of desirable production);
  2. search for the manufacturer and goods that fully meet the stated requirements;
  3. providing customers with the results of a preliminary search in the form of photographs of goods;
  4. technical assessment of the production process;
  5. determining the level of product quality.

If the intermediate search result completely satisfies the customer, our company proceeds to perform the following actions:

■ a check is made on the potential supplier’s legal ability to comply with the terms of the contract (it is checked whether he has an export license);
■ copies of quality certificates of the goods to be ordered from the manufacturer are collected;
■ providing information on the terms of delivery of goods, terms of payment.

Our company sends product samples to the customer, as well as provides the results of certification and laboratory tests that indicate the quality of the product. As a result, the customer is given the opportunity to get a great product at an attractive price, eliminating any risks.

Cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to significantly expand the range of products by purchasing quality goods at affordable prices.

To get additional profit, to attract the attention of potential customers with interesting trade offers, while significantly reducing financial costs is possible only if you properly organize the search for manufacturers in China.

Manufacturer inspection

The ZAMMLER team will help you minimize the possible financial risks that arise when entering a new market. As residents of China, we will inspect the manufacturer. According to the results of the manufacturer’s inspection, we provide our customers with a report with the following information:

■ legal inspection of the manufacturer:

– information on the extract from the register of the CCI of the PRC;
– the result of checking the authenticity of the company’s accounts;
– the result of checking the documents for the right to conduct business.

■ actual inspection (departure to the factory):

– analysis of production facilities;
– determining the level of organization of production;
– assessment of the state of the quality control system, volumes of shipped products, their geography;
– information on the presence of foreign partners;
– providing photo and video reports.

Product control

Our specialists will inspect the quality of the goods, both at the stage of production and shipment:

■ checking the quality of goods at the stage of production, with the direct departure of our employee to the factory;
■ selective quality control of shipped products;
■ control of the quantity of products shipped;
■ photo (video) report of the shipment process;
■ sealing of cargo.

Organization of business tours

Business tour to China is a great opportunity to find new partners, reliable manufacturers, responsible suppliers. Along with the opportunity to solve business problems, the tour participants are given an additional opportunity to get acquainted with the historical monuments of China, modern realities.

What business tours to China include

Business tours to the Celestial Empire help to fulfill the requests of entrepreneurs and businessmen. Tour participants are invited to visit fairs and exhibitions, explore interesting offers from the Chinese manufacturer. Also for tour participants are organized shopping tours with visits to shops and markets, which feature:

■ designer furniture;
■ household appliances;
■ plumbing;
■ interior items;
■ clothing and footwear.

Participating in shop tours, you can find global brands, the cost of which is much lower than that set in the producing countries.

Visiting exhibitions allows you to form your own idea of ​​Chinese manufacturers, to obtain objective information about the peculiarities of their work.

The exhibitions provide an opportunity to get an idea of ​​innovative developments, to discover new areas of development of their own business. Business tours with visits to exhibitions contribute to the birth of new ideas, the implementation of which will successfully bypass competitors, take and confidently maintain a leading position.

Our specialists help participants of business tours to decide on the relevant exhibition, prepare for it, exchange contact information with prospective business partners.

Of particular interest to tour participants is a visit to factories and plants. This production tour allows you to navigate the features of the Chinese production process, as well as pay attention to a potential partner.

Advantages when ordering a business tour service to China in our company

Business tours will be successful if they are carried out under the guidance of experienced professionals. The specialists of our company ZAMMLER are fluent in the language, as well as well versed in the peculiarities of the local mentality.

Our company offers:

■ search for a reliable Chinese supplier that meets the customer’s requirements;
■ provision of goods transportation services;
■ our specialists personally visit production (factories), regardless of the geography of location in China;
■ “live” communication with manufacturers. In the search for manufacturers of a product, we are not limited to desk research;
■ 100% guarantee of providing reliable information;
■ Company employees – qualified specialists, native Chinese speakers who have many years of experience and have lived in China for more than 10 years.

Employees of our company assume all responsibilities related to the delivery of goods, except for the need to delve into the customer’s logistical details, freeing him from the problems associated with paperwork.

Our specialists will provide full support in organizing your business tour to China (PRC):

  1. business tour planning: drawing up an optimal schedule, an acceptable route;
  2. visa assistance;
  3. booking of air tickets, tickets for domestic transfers, hotel rooms;
  4. car rental;
  5. transfer organization;
  6. services of an interpreter who will provide support, provide language assistance during business meetings and exciting excursions.

Since the main purpose of business tours is to find reliable business partners, our company provides the opportunity to order a business consultation in China.

Our specialists help to establish contacts with acceptable manufacturers, potential partners. Cooperation with our company when visiting exhibitions allows you to minimize the problems and risks that arise due to language difficulties in direct dialogue. In order to eliminate financial risks, our company provides missing information about the activities of the Chinese manufacturer, as well as helps to check the supplier.

Also, our specialists are ready to participate in business negotiations, provide assistance in signing contracts.

Our company is ready to provide samples of the product that aroused interest. It can also be controlled its quality, the organization of delivery at a reasonable cost.

Our company provides both a single business tour service in China and a full range of business services in China.

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