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HR Policy

The team – above all. ZAMMLER started it’s activity on the market in 2007 with 5 people including co-owners, and in 2021 there are already more than 600 of us. Thanks to the team, the ZAMMLER GROUP mechanism works skillfully and gets stronger every year. Together we have experienced many crises and continue to move forward rapidly.

Principles that guide us in working with colleagues

■ Concern for growth and investment in staff;
■ Professional courses, motivational programs, foreign language learning and fitness – we fund what gives the team strength and helps to conquer the top;
■ Maximum safety and health priority of employees:
During the pandemic, employees of the ZAMMLER GROUPS’s offices are advised to work remotely. All employees are provided with the necessary equipment for comfortable remote work, constant support of the IT department provides uninterrupted access to all necessary resources.
■ Organization of team-building recreation:
Rafting, volleyball, climbing Hoverla, paintball, group holidays in Egypt – there are many things in our memory! We preserve and support the team spirit on a regular basis!

The values ​​we profess in ZAMMLER GROUP

■ Uncompromising quality
ZAMMLER GROUP considers “quality” as the main component of all aspects of its activity.
The company terminates any deviations from compliance with the highest quality standards in each of its areas of activity.

■ Professionalism and a strong team
The company employs only professionals in their field. We contribute to the growth of both personal and professional qualities of  employees.
The team of the company is a team where the field of responsibility of each employee is not limited by the narrow framework of job descriptions. The company’s employees are ready to come to each other’s rescue at any time.

■ Efficiency and purposefulness
All decisions in the company are made taking into account the long-term economic effect. The activities of the company as a whole, and individual employees in particular are aimed at continuous development and achievement of goals, the result provides long-term benefits.

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