Social responsibility

An essential principle of work of ZAMMLER group companies is a corporate social responsibility for our employees, clients and partner as well as society and the state on the whole. ZAMMLER group companies follow ethical conduct of business openly and transparently, being guided by “Corporate Code of Ethics” adopted by the company. The system of corporate social responsibility has been integrated into all internal processes of the company. They allow to constantly improve the system of quality management in order to meet the need of clients.

Responsibility for the employees

Investing in employees is one of the key investments in development and stability of the company. We see people not as a resource but as a potential. That is why, the company provides decent working condition and ensures social protection. Special attention is drawn at employees development. The company runs employees motivation program, which includes training of individual capabilities, improvement of professional skills and organizing of corporate event.
Responsibility for society

ZAMMLER is actively cooperating with leading educational institutions, which train experts in logistics. Students have an opportunity to complete internship in each department of the company and gain real-life experience and skills of future profession.

Our aim is to raise the status of logistics profession by organizing contest for students and providing assistance for industry-specific educational institutions, educational projects for advanced training, promoting career guidance in logistics for secondary school graduates.
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