ZAMMLER Company joined the charity event

In the framework of corporate social responsibility, ZAMMLER Company provides support to children and families in difficult life circumstances. On the 19th of January ZAMMLER commited the free delivery of charity care that was provided by the company P&G, to the settlements of Kyiv and Luhansk regions. The event was organized by Charitable Foundation “SOS Children’s villages”, Ukraine, which distributes international quality standards of social services in Ukraine. The cooperation between ZAMMLER and SOS Children’s Villages lasts for years and is aimed to help children, strengthening families, developing communities for the prevention of social orphanhood. “We are grateful to the organizers of this event and socially active business that do not stand aside from someone else’s misfortune. Only by helping others, endorsing empathy and joining together for the achievement of the common goal, we can pass the test of humanity and responsibility towards the society,” said Development Manager of the Company ZAMMLER Larisa Melnichuk, during a partnership meeting that was organized by the charitable organization.
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