Lately cross docking – a method of shipping and cargo transfer on the principle of delivery of goods to customer without stockkeeping, directly and without a stop – has been gaining in popularity in logistics. This method is rather perfect for entrepreneurs who buy wholesale goods in bulk and who need goods to be delivered to customers under tight deadlines.


How the cross-docking works

There are several methods of the cross-docking usage in logistics.

The transhipment of goods. The method includes the reloading of goods from one transport into another, often of a different type. For instance, from a van into a car or vice versa.


The delivery of cargo, sent from different manufacturers. This method allows to combine (commingle) goods from different suppliers into one party which will soon be sent to a customer. Shot lots of different cargos are first delivered to a cross-docking site, then they are reloaded to a single transport and sent to a final customer.


The retail distribution of a shipload. Cross-docking also gives a possibility to receive a bulk quantity of goods from the manufacturer and then send it in shot lots to several market outlets.


By virtue of these methods and the availability of customs-licensed warehouse we have a possibility to get customs clearance of goods as and when necessary or not to get it at all (if the goods go in transit under customs control), resale cargos changing the cost of goods, the seller, the customer and so on.


Who stands to benefit from cross-docking

Cross-docking is a perfect way of cargo delivery for:

  • wholesale merchants, who need to get goods quickly for its commercialization via several market outlets;
  • companies importing to Ukraine, Russia and CIS states;
  • companies that purchase and sale goods from/to countries where see delivery is required (e.g. China, USA and so on).

Where to order cross-docking, who is better to cooperate with?

The best conditions of collaboration on the basis of cross-docking – quick cargo delivery – are provided by the international group of logistic companies ZAMMLER. Of all others ZAMMLER GROUP will deliver various goods as soon as possible, having 8 offices available in different cities and countries. We provide a full range of services in the field of motor, air and marine transportation, customs and brokerage processing, warehousing services.

If you want to cooperate with a credible partner who fulfills all the tasks and obligations on time, please contact ZAMMLER GROUP.    
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