Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics from ZAMMLER means reliability, quality and a professional approach to each operation. With us, clients reduce time and financial costs at all stages of distribution and logistics operations.

Logistic warehouses in Ukraine

■ Two warehouse complexes of class “A”:

– Kyiv region., Boryspil district, Martusovka village (WMS-system (Qguar), handling equipment, distance from Kyiv – 16 km);

– Kyiv region., Brovarsky district, Krasilovka village (WMS-system (Qguar), handling equipment, distance from Kyiv – 17 km).

■ One warehouse complex of “B +” class:

– Odesa (WMS-system (Qguar), located within the city, with a railway line, the possibility of transshipment for multimodal transportation, the total front of the carriage is 7 units).

■ Two warehouse complexes of class “B”:

– Lviv (WMS-system (Qguar), located within the city, loading and unloading equipment);

– Dnipro city (WMS-system (Qguar), located within the city, loading and unloading equipment).

Characteristics of ZAMMLER warehouse complexes:
■ anti-dust floor covering;
■ sprinkler fire extinguishing system;
■ round-the-clock security system with video surveillance;
■ availability of a WMS-system (Warehouse Management System – Qguar);
■ technical equipment with the required number of modern handling equipment;
■ convenient access roads;
■ availability of parking spaces.

Warehouse services ZAMMLER:

■ complex of unloading and loading operations and cargo handling;
■ temporary, permanent, safe storage;
■ accounting, sorting, picking, packaging, labeling;
■ the ability to integrate the client’s accounting systems with our WMS;■ preparation for transportation, inventory, cross-docking;
■ provision of containers and all types of packaging materials for storage and further transportation at the request of the client;
■ pooling (provision of pallets for rent with the further return of the returnable packaging with its own resources);
■ recycling;
■ preparation of the necessary documentation, reporting;
■ co-packing services.

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