The SUIT Students Visited ZAMMLER FULLFILMENT Warehouse

In the framework of cooperation with the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies (SUIT) ZAMMLER GROUP organized the technical visit to ZAMMLER FULLFILMENT warehouse for the students and professors of the Department of Business Logistics and Transport Technologies. The aim of this event was to make students aware of all processes at the warehouse: loading/unloading, goods storage, packaging, marking, etc. The experts of ZAMMLER helped their guests to increase insight into the contract logistics and gain practical skills from the training course “Transportation and Storage Logistics” upon topic “Organization of the Logistic Process at a Warehouse”. Ruslan Pierievierziev, the Contract Logistics Director of ZAMMLER GROUP, and Serhii Lyndia, the Warehouseman, personally held the observation excursion in the warehouse and provided the students with detailed information on all processes adjusted for the online shops acting in the logistics realm, i.e. fulfillment. Special attention was drawn to automatization; the representatives of ZAMMLER GROUP showed the warehouse equipment and machinery, the ways it worked, and displayed other facilities. During the excursion the students asked some detailed and clarifying questions definitely proving their high level of engagement. We are glad the SUIT top-management, namely Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Management and Technologies, showed themselves as people of open disposition and purported to give their students more opportunities to improve their knowledge and qualifications. ZAMMLER GROUP realizes its responsibility and ability to influence the development of the logistics realm of Ukraine. Thus, we are always ready to contribute practically to the educational processes and always cooperate with the Ukrainian higher educational establishments.