The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded ZAMMLER for the project “Fulfillment”

On February 16th, 2016, the Working Group consisting of the executives of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine visited two enterprises of the group of ZAMMLER companies – these were the company ZAMMLER WAREHOUSE in the village of Martusovka and ZAMMLER FULFILLMENT in the village of Krasilovka in Kyiv region. The Working Group was headed by Nykolai Zasulskyi who is the president of the Chamber. Independent branch experts were involved in the project assessment, in particular the vice-president of Ukrainian logistic association Valentyn Maevskyi and the representative of National Transport University, associate professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences of Department of transport law and logistics Yuryi Hrysiuk.

According to the leader of the project Fulfillment Vitalii Leonov, the service is focused on those E-commerce companies that minimize costs, take care of coines and want to spend their time and resources on marketing and sales organization and not to deal with logistics. All the logistic process from making an order on the web-site till delivery to an online-shop client is outsourced. Fulfillment undertakes the processing of an order, its scope of supply, delivery and dealing with goods return.

ZAMMLER provides the service of Fulfillment to the publishing house "Egmont Ukraine” (Disney Book Club). According to the chief editor of the Publishing house Daria Polishchuk, the key advantage of the cooperation with the Fulfillment center of ZAMMLER Company is economic efficiency and opportunity to solve all the operational issues in a prompt manner. "As a Book market, we compare this service with the performance of our own warehouse where we have rented warehouses and we see that it is integrated and user-friendly service. The processes run consistently and the staff promptly responds to all the operational issues. Another important advantage consists in the fact that we work directly with a qualified manager", that is what Daria Polishchuk noted about the service.

According to the president of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nykolai Zasulskyi, Zammler warehousing system, and Fulfillment center in particular, is perfectly automatized and organized, and it is exactly how modern business has to operate.

A client spares funds and time, he has more guarantees of quality of orders processing; and owing to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) the probability of error is minimized. Fulfillment provides total control of all the processes and gives the opportunity of forming a cooperation program within one’s own needs (depending on the product specification and wishes of the client-company), the general director of the group of companies ZAMMLER Viktor Shevchenko explained to us.

The capacities of the Fulfillment center of Zammler group allow processing of 3 000 fully ready orders per day; the floor space of the warehouse A is 12 500 m2.

ZAMMLER greatful to  the honored Inspection for the favorable report and high estimate. We are going to continue setting standards for Ukrainian logistics!


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