The construction of warehouse complexes will begin in Ukraine in 1.5 year, said the Chief Executive Officer of the group of logistic companies ZAMMLER

Currently, Ukraine does not undergo economic crisis, which is commonly spoken about.  Since 2018 the economics has been growing. It was stated by Viktor Shevchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of the group of logistic companies ZAMMLER to the Chornomorska TV and Radio Company. “General economic growth is well seen in the logistics business, as far as while shipping various goods in all directions we can keep everything in perspective. In early 2018, we noticed an about 20% growth of both import and export activities of completely different companies in various branches”, reported Shevchenko. According to the expert, the recovery of the warehouse segment where a period of stagnation and lack of vacant storage areas continued for quite a while, is now beginning. “I am aware that the construction of certain storage facilities will begin the next year. But this is a question of size. I am sure that under condition that the current situation persists, in 1.5 years the storage business in Ukraine will be on the increase and the situation with vacant areas will be solved”, predicted Shevchenko. At the same time, Shevchenko underlined that today it is crucial for Ukraine to handle such issues as corruption, reduction of loan rates for business, and the reputation on the international scene. As for now, international companies and investors very cautiously consider the partnership with Ukrainian business, categorizing it as relatively risky.