Air freight arrangement – summary of the first lecture delivered as a part of the training course in logistics from EBA

Andrii Kryvorotov, the Director of Sea and Air Freight Department of ZAMMLER GROUP delivered the first lecture under the Logistics Development Program organized in general partnership with European Business Association. The speaker provided the audience with the detailed information regarding the procedure and specific aspects of air freight arrangement, described the benefits, problems and expediency of freight carriage by air. “The principal factors for selecting the goods delivery by air are meant to be its cost, term of delivery to the destination, the peculiar features of the goods (if any specific transportation conditions are required). In view of the foregoing we shall understand that the air freight is the fastest but the most expensive delivery method. Air freight is worthwhile in cases when the freight urgent delivery is required or the freight to be transported is very expensive” – stated Andrii Kryvorotov. The participants of the lecture were familiarized with principles and tools for route planning, learned the rules of selecting the airline and air freight forwarder, got an understating of the peculiarities of pricing and document management while freight carriage by air. “Air waybill is the basic document necessary for air freight. It is issued by the shipper or the authorized agent.  The document confirms the agreement between the shipper and the carrier regarding the air freight using the carrier services. The air waybill certifies conclusion of the air freight agreement, receipt of goods to be carried and terms and conditions of transportation” –  told the Speaker. The participants of the lecture made themselves aware of the classification of equipment used while goods delivery by air, primary types of goods marking before carriage. During the lecture Andrii Kryvorotov paid special attention to the specific aspects of pharmacological products carriage by air, in particular, to the standards of carriage and supervision of their observance, key requirements while pharmacological products transportation as well as the possible risks.