On February 21, 2019 ZAMMLER GROUP in general partnership and in cooperation with Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) had initiated the social project for the students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine – interactive marathon «ZAMMLER’S LOGISTICS EXPERIENCE FOR Z-GENERATION» having ended successfully on April, 24. Marathon was participated by the students of five universities of Kyiv and five higher educational institutions of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv and Dnipro. The project aimed at providing the future logistics specialists with an opportunity to gain insight into profession before entering a career. High creativity and interactivity of the project allowed us to keep the students interested during all the three stages of the marathon. The first stage of the project consisted of master-classes hosted by Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and given by ZAMMLER company experts, followed by the tests pass by the students. Twenty students who had been the most active and received the highest grade were divided into two teams during the final workshop. The second stage of the project involved excursion to ZAMMLER FULLFILMENT warehouse complex were participants of the project had a chance both to make aware of theoretical aspects of services provision to online shops and gain practical skills. The third, final stage of the marathon allowed the students to make use of gained experience during the Logistics quest through Kyiv dedicated to International Supply Chain Day (Logistics Specialist Day). The teams had to deliver freight from “Globus” monument to Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics strictly observing the rules of the game. The participants were limited in time, route length, budget for payment of fares in transport and each 30 minutes were provided with information on two means of transport prohibited to be used for the following thirty minutes. According to the rules, the route was chosen independently by the students but Z line was predetermined as the motion trajectory from the departure point to the destination point. The route included 10 stops. Upon arriving to the stop, the participants had to give a right answer to a question related to logistic activities and then were allowed to move on (or had to wait for a specified period of time in case of wrong answer). In order to gain more practical experience, each of the participants was held responsible for performance of specific duties. Each team consisted of captain (who took the key and strategic decisions), logistics specialist (responsible for route), financial specialist (responsible for budget planning), time-manager (who kept track of time and provided information to the team), communicator (who ensured communication with the project managers) and operator (responsible for video and photo-recording of locations and the quest stages). Both teams dealt successfully with the task and reached the finish line separated in time by 10 minutes. All ZAMMLERs LOGISTICS EXPERIENCE for ZGENERATION marathon finalists were granted the certificates and the winning-team was awarded with the grand prize. The project creativity was highly appraised by the experts. It became the pilot project being unrivalled throughout the world.