LogiMAT 2018 Exhibition: Innovations in Logistics

ZAMMLER representatives took part in one of the largest exhibitions of innovations in logistics – LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart (Germany). During the event, more than 1560 exhibitors from 38 countries presented their know-how and developments, including 122 innovative products not previously exhibited. The exhibition visitors had an opportunity to take a look at the advanced technologies that are already used to optimize logistics processes, and check out the developments to be implemented internationally in the near future. The latest applications and cloud-based IT platforms took an important place among the solutions presented. At the same time, the visitors took a great interest in the presented concepts, designed not only to monitor the individual warehouses, but also to manage the means of transport and ensure integration, transparency and coordinated supply chain management. In the terms of future prospects, LogiMAT 2018 exhibit items predict the development of self-learning system programming and integration of artificial intelligence into logistical processes.

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        Various technologies for quality logistics processes in the industry (optical media, label printing systems, 3D scanning, real-time solutions, etc.) were also featured at the exhibition. A range of developments in robotics was presented: from wireless transport systems and transport means to automated warehousing systems for small and medium businesses. 29216933_1716039358456369_3135008002147352576_o 29261367_1716039268456378_4237468941015842816_o 29244468_1716039328456372_2116160369905893376_o According to the exhibition sponsors, more than 55 thousand guests attended the event this year. ZAMMLER representatives are glad to be among them, because the provision of high-quality services at the international level obliges us to follow the worldwide tendencies, adopt modern practices and introduce new technologies in our work. LogiMAT is an annual three-day exhibition held in Germany and brings together the creative inventors, professional companies specializing in innovations, logistics, and simple visitors from many parts of the world.
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