ZAMMLER POLSKA celebrated its fifth anniversary

Five years ago ZAMMLER GROUP opened its Representative Office in Poland, and this spring ZAMMLER POLSKA has celebrated its first anniversary. Classically, we decide to compare the main indicators and indices, how it was and what has become, and recollect from what points we started. As CEO ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o. Oleh Rachov mentioned in his interview with the Chief Editor of (the media source) on the occasion of anniversary, the necessity of opening of the Representative Office in Poland was because of several prerequisites among which there could be singled out not only favorable potential geographical location. The requests from our clients to establish the consolidated warehouse closer to Ukrainian border affected significantly the choice of a location. We started only from 20 contracts and today we have over 7350 of them in our portfolio. The increase in demand for ZAMMLER logistics services in Poland caused the expansion of our own truck fleet and recruiting new staff. At the opening of the Representative Office, only seven private trucks maintained its work and served for its purposes, and nowadays this number is 40, but we are not ready to rest and want to increase this number to over 100 trucks in next 2 years. Special attention shall be drawn in particular to the fact that currently ZAMMLER POLSKA has more than 60 employees (including office workers, workers of warehouse and drivers) in comparison with only 3 employees we got when we started our activity. As we may see, the Company has demonstrated the great results for these 5 years and we may say we contemplate positive dynamics in its activity. Apparently, flourishing future and good perspectives lie ahead.