ZAMMLER has visited Child Social and Rehabilitation Centers

On the first day of June the world celebrated the International Day for Protection of Children being the holiday the goal of which is to draw attention of the community to the problems of children who face difficult life circumstances and protect rights of each child for happiness, development, education, vocation and free realization of desires. For ZAMMLER being a company that does its best to help such children, the International Day for Protection of Children is one more opportunity to organize the good event for children and to demonstrate their rights are not restricted, and that they may obtain love, emotional warmth, attention and care in the same way as children from happy families. On this occasion, the representatives of the Company visited two child establishments with the educational and entertainment program: SOS Children's Villages of Brovary city on May 30, 2019 and SONECHKO Charitable Social and Rehabilitation Center of Burty village, Kyiv region, on May 31, 2019. In the course of the visits, the representatives reminded children of importance of knowing their rights, of the holiday goal in general, and of motivation for studying and development. The funny games (Twister, Crocodile, badminton, volleyball), drawing with chalk and finger paints and soap bubbles created the inexpressible mood and atmosphere for children. The workshop on cooking street food like hot- dogs and roast marshmallow was also held. The children were able to cook on their own some yummies for themselves and to treat the teachers and nannies with this delicious food.