ZAMMLER GROUP participated in the E-Commerce 2018 Conference and Exhibition

The largest “E-Commerce 2018” conference and exhibition on electronic commerce was held in Ukraine on the 1st of November. The event was attended by more than 1000 participants, including the exhibitors, being the representatives of all services, supporting e-stores and marketplaces unimpaired operation. ZAMMLER GROUP, being the leading warehouse operator in Ukraine that renders fulfilment services, was invited to participate in “E-Commerce Logistics” panel discussion on an expert basis. The discussion involved the issues of concern, experienced daily by the e-stores owners and logistics companies, providing them with warehousing and courier delivery services. Representatives of e-commerce market-players stated that often they have to change warehousing contractor companies, because of their poor quality of services. Key challenges are related to the order processing terms by the outsourced warehouses, as well as to the integration capabilities of contractor and store accounting systems. While discussing the issues, Yevheniia Bereza, ZAMMLER Company Contract Logistics Project Manager, noted that high-quality fulfilment services, providing for the goods acceptance, warehousing, storing, picking, shipment as well as goods return authorization, can resolve the above-mentioned challenges. This service allows for required spaces preliminary estimation and planning, depending on possible peak demands, seasonality, indicated periods of shipment to the end consumers. Warehousing processes automation and the consumers provision with access to their personal accounts allow for checking order status and constantly monitoring stock balance and shelf life, being another significant issue. But still, many entrepreneurs ignore fulfilment as the method for challenges, related to outsourced warehousing processes adjustment, resolving as well as its direct impact on “last mile” arrangement. The majority of small e-stores still prefer using own warehouse premise, even if it is basement or utility room, and employ own courier, even if his/her obligations are carried out by office manager outside office hours. Such auxiliary fulfilment services as the goods photo session, are still unpopular within the former Soviet Union countries: it is simpler and cheaper to use photos, downloaded from the supplier internet-resource and corrected to fit specific needs, then pay and receive high-quality and unique photo content. The discussion involved such critical courier delivery aspects, as the service time and quality, in particular, couriers’ behaviour while the orders delivery to the end consumer. Ukrainian market already consists of the companies, striving to render services at the European level – orders are delivered by specially trained couriers, following specifically developed scripts. E-commerce market rapidly expands and involves a growing number of consumers. Challenges related to goods storing and their door delivery grow proportionally to the sales volume increase. For this very reason, we believe that the issues shall be settled in the long run: e-stores shall timely address the specialists, providing for uninterrupted goods turnover and the logistic companies shall expand the services and improve their quality according to end consumers’ needs.