ZAMMLER GROUP Became A Partner of Generation Meeting Logistic Halloween

One of the main activity areas of ZAMMLER GROUP is cooperation with the higher educational establishments. That is because the universities provide training for the perspective specialists, and our thought is that business should be that platform where students will be able to acquire experience while studying. We strongly support the higher educational establishments in organization of the conferences, workshops, business platforms, take part in academic activity, provide students with a great opportunity to do practical trainings and undertake internships in the group of companies, and also hold contests enabling every student to realize his/her potential. On October 25, with the ZAMMLER GROUP assistance, the Department of Logistics of National Aviation University held the Generation Meeting Logistic Halloween. The main concept of the event was to consolidate eleven generations of logisticians into one group, establishing the logistic present of Ukraine. Our company was strongly supporting the event. We joined to the event concept development and also provided financial and information assistance. Larysa Melnychuk, ZAMMLER Business Development Manager, while delivering her speech on the behalf of the Company congratulated the Department on the 15th anniversary and said few words on the ZAMMLER GROUP activity and opportunities that the Company provided for the students. Special attention shall be drawn in particular to the creative event organization. The ancient walls of Kyiv Fortress were decorated with the mystical entourage, and enigmatical atmosphere and vibrant costumes of the guests turned this event into a joyful logistician party. While the Halloween party was at the very height the guests played Logistic ELIAS, the interactive game, which magically united the participants; team spirit took control over the Fortress. This meeting became the interesting communication platform for the logisticians of all generations: the professors were glad to see alumni, the students had an opportunity to get acquainted with the leading logistic companies, and a lot of guests exchange contacts for perspective partnership. ZAMMLER GROUP is always ready for cooperation with students and strives to create the logistics of future today.