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Version of the site for the visually impaired

Information from ZAMMLER Kazakhstan

Considering the current situation in Kazakhstan, we consider it our obligation to inform:

1. Currently, all of the company’s employees are all right, no injuries have been reported.

2. All of the employees are working remotely now in order to ensure their safety. Previously, ZAMMLER branches in Kazakhstan worked half a day. Today they are closed. The normal mode of operation will be restored after the situation is stable.

3. Prior to the protests, the employees received their advance payments and New Year bonuses. We will pay the salaries to our employees as soon as the banks begin their operations.

4. There are certain communication problems in Kazakhstan – when the communications work we maintain contact with our colleagues. The work on site is coordinated by the branch heads.

5. There are Ukrainians among our employees. No evacuation is needed currently. If such need arises, we will do our best to make sure they come back home safely.

We ask all of our colleagues to take care of their safety, life and health, as well as of the safety, life and health of their relatives!

We remind you that ZAMMLER branches in Kazakhstan are located in 5 cities and have 239 employees.

Thank you!

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