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Search for target market manufacturers

Search for Chinese manufacturers

Finding a manufacturer in China for aspiring entrepreneurs is the most crucial step. The future of the business depends on its result. The beginning of cooperation with an unscrupulous manufacturer will inevitably lead to the collapse of the entrepreneurial business.

By independently searching for manufacturers in China, an entrepreneur who does not have sufficient practical experience is exposing his business to colossal risks. On the territory of the Celestial Empire, the production process is carried out by many companies. However, some of them use substandard materials and raw materials for production. Of course, with such an organization of the production process, the manufactured products are characterized by inadequate quality.

Finding a manufacturer in China is a starting point in business. Cooperation with an unscrupulous manufacturer or supplier will lead to undesirable consequences. Instead of receiving a quality product, a marriage or re-grading will be delivered.

When searching for suppliers in China, it is important to pay attention not only to the quality of the products provided. For a successful business, you need to have reliable partners focused on:

■ accurate execution of the order;
■ strict adherence to delivery times;
■ making constructive decisions in business negotiations.

The specialists of the ZAMMLER company, which are located directly in China (PRC), provide professional assistance in finding suppliers in China and will help you find manufacturers of the goods (products / raw materials) you are interested in according to the specified characteristics.

Benefits of doing a professional sourcing of manufacturers in China

Finding reliable, trusted suppliers from China is one of the functions of our representative office. When searching for a supplier from China, ZAMMLER specialists assume responsibility for:

■ negotiating with manufacturers who are considered as future potential reliable business partners;
■ checking the quality of goods, compliance with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer;
■ checking the conditions for the delivery of goods.

The specialists of our company ZAMMLER take as a basis the wishes and key requirements of the customer regarding the products he needs to purchase. The search, carried out by highly professional specialists, provides an optimal result in the form of a quality product. With such cooperation, it is possible to prevent all kinds of risks, to obtain additional guarantees.

How is the process of finding Chinese manufacturers carried out

The specialists of our company provide services for finding the best Chinese manufacturer.

In order to find a buyer in China, the best partner, cooperation with which will allow us to effectively form the assortment of the store, our company carries out the following actions:

  1. clarification of all the details of the upcoming technical task (with an exact indication of the parameters and characteristics of the desired product);
  2. search for a manufacturer and goods that fully meet the stated requirements;
  3. providing customers with preliminary search results in the form of product photos;
  4. technical assessment of the production process;
  5. determination of the quality level of the goods.

If the intermediate search result fully satisfies the customer, our company proceeds to the following actions:

■ a check is carried out regarding the legal ability of a potential supplier to comply with the terms of the contract (it is checked whether he has an export license);
■ copies of quality certificates for the goods that are planned to be ordered from the manufacturer are collected;
■ providing information on the delivery time of goods, payment terms.

Our company sends the customer samples of products, and also provides the results of certification and laboratory tests, indicating the quality of the goods. As a result, the customer is given the opportunity to receive an excellent product at an attractive price, eliminating any risks.

Cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to significantly expand their product range by purchasing quality goods at affordable prices.

It is possible to obtain additional profit, attract the attention of potential customers with interesting trade offers, while significantly reducing financial costs only if the search for manufacturers in China is properly organized.

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