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Viktor Shevchenko, CEO of ZAMMLER GROUP, took the oath from freshmen of the specialty “Logistics” of the National Aviation University

In 2020, freshmen faced a big challenge. In conjunction with the global pandemic of coronavirus, just started university studies are switched to distance learning. But in spite of everything, initiation into first-year students of the Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics and educational programs “Logistics” and “Aviation Logistics” of the National Aviation University took place online.

“- With dignity to bear the title of student of his Alma mater;
– I swear!
– Become a real professional in the field of logistics;
– I swear!”

This is an excerpt from the oath of the logistics students, which they solemnly gave in front of their Alma mater and in front of Viktor Shevchenko, co-owner and CEO of the ZAMMLER GROUP. All 147 freshmen received NAU 2020 student medals and certificates of oath from ZAMMLER.

In his speech, Viktor Shevchenko congratulated the students and assured them of the correctness of the chosen logistics path:

“After 20 years of experience in the field, I can clearly say that logistics is always a relevant profession. No process takes place without logistics. This is a strategic industry, without which no country can fully function. And logistics is a profession without borders. Therefore, even if you want to move to another country, your profession will be in demand there. “

To encourage students to study and achieve better results, Viktor Shevchenko made an unexpected gift – he promised that every student who, after completing their studies, presents to ZAMMLER the received certificate of taking the oath, is guaranteed to be admitted to the company for a three-month probationary period.

“Whoever shows himself as a professional who has studied well, knows his business and has a lot of ideas and inspiration has a chance to build a good career in the company. This is a unique opportunity, because we usually hire only specialists who pass selection competitions among X applicants. After all, every company has a desire to hire the best specialist. To get a good position right after university without work experience is quite difficult. “

Also, freshmen-logisticians were congratulated on their dedication by the Dean of the Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Oksana Viktorovna Ilyenko, Head of the Department of Logistics, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Maria Yuryevna Grigorak and a university graduate in 1955, Honorary Worker of Aviation Transport, Professor Kulik Vladimir Antonovich.

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