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Business and University Co-operation: a Unique Educational Space for Students Opened in Ukraine

Independent selection of the optimum route of cargo delivery, customs clearance and placing the goods in the warehouse – this is by no means a complete list of operations that students of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics now perform without leaving the auditorium. 

A unique logistic laboratory was opened in KNUTE. The Logistics Lab is an educational space created by the university together with the ZAMMLER GROUP and the Ukrainian Intelligent Systems company. Such a laboratory is the Ukraine’s first example of successful cooperation between entrepreneurs and educational institutions. 

The laboratory houses the storage rack system and scanners, and everyone who works here has access to the warehouse management program. The laboratory is designed to provide the practical knowledge to the students of the “Logistics”, “Logistics and Supply Chain Management”, “Commodity Science and Commercial Logistics” specializations. 

The laboratory was opened by Igor Garbaruk, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. According to Igor Garbaruk, the university has always been distinguished by innovation and well-established cooperation with business. This unique educational space will allow young people to obtain the competitive advantages in the labour market. 

Anatolii Mazaraki, the rector of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, also noted the practical value of the laboratory. 

“The Logistics Lab capacities will allow 200 students to have practice classes every year. For us, it is an opportunity to enhance their practical skills and give them a give a decent start in professional life so that the KNUTE graduates are fully prepared for the employment,” says Mazaraki. 

Viktor Shevchenko, the co-owner of the ZAMMLER GROUP, is sure that the successful study at the Logistics Lab will be a good start for students to occupy their first workplaces. And he is already ready to offer the possibilities of traineeships at the Company to the most prospective students. According to him, 5-10 students will be offered to have the traineeships and get personally engaged into the operations of various ZAMMLER GROUP’s departments: from financial to warehouse: 

“Since 2014, Ukrainian companies have had a staffing problem. Experts migrate abroad, while the high school graduates do not have enough practical experience. There is even a joke in the Company that valuable staff must be tracked back from a kindergarten and accompanied to the university. Therefore, the opening of such a laboratory for us as employers is crucial, since it is designed to reduce the gap between theory and practice in the knowledge of current students”. 

The Ukrainian Intelligent Systems, a partner of the Logistics Lab, provided the proprietary warehouse logistics management software. Andrii Varybok, the founder of the company, is convinced that: any socially responsible business should share knowledge and experience and contribute to the professional development of future experts: 

“Our software is utilised by the leading logistics and retail companies. Therefore, a student who gains experience in the Laboratory would not get confused during traineeships in such a company. This student would already communicate “in the same language” with market players”, – said Varybok. 

Today, the logistic profession is among the most sought and paid ones in Ukraine. Thus, one of the most popular on-line employment resources offers more than 700 vacancies with a more than UAH 35,000 salary to job seekers. And considering the results of the past year admission campaigns, this specialty is among the most popular ones. 

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