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ZAMMLER GROUP continues to open the world of logistics to the younger generation. This time we organized a tour of one of the warehouses of ZAMMLER GROUP and the central office for members of the social platform * Generation +

During two days, two participants of the program, Oleksiy and Daniel, were able to get acquainted with all logistical areas of work and processes.

The first destination for the boys was one of the ZAMMLER warehouse complexes – a class A warehouse located in the Martusivka village (Boryspil district). Here the guys were instructed on safety and went through the complex, which is currently more than 24 000 m2. The first thing that won over teenagers was the size of the warehouse complex. In addition, to the total area, the visitors were also impressed by the height (according to the norms, class A warehouse complexes have a ceiling height of 10 meters), round-the-clock security system, video surveillance, fire extinguishing.

“I have never seen such large compositions in my life, and I was very impressed by how well everything works together,” – Oleksiy said.

The teenagers were also delighted with the modern WMS warehouse management system and the work of unloading and loading equipment. They were able to see how the goods are unloaded and loaded, placed in storage, the goods are distributed on shelving systems, etc.

Igor Palun, Director of Contract Logistics, told the guests how the warehouse logistics chain was built: unloading, receiving goods, marking, sticking, storing, picking up and packing goods, delivery to courier services or delivery to the point of unloading.

During the tour, the guys asked many questions about the work schedule, customer service, accounting for working hours, ways to secure goods, the work of the WMS-system. The teenagers even tried to find and collect orders on their own, so they were very satisfied and impressed:

“We are very pleasantly surprised that there is such a logistics company in Ukraine as ZAMMLER GROUP. Grateful for the tour, it was very useful to learn about storage and transportation. It was interesting to get acquainted with the field of logistics, because, for example, we buy some goods in stores every day, but we didn’t even imagine how much work there is behind it all. ”

On the second day, Oleksiy and Daniel visited the ZAMMLER GROUP headquarters. Here they learned a lot about transport logistics, organization of road, air, rail and sea transportation, company structure, HR processes, the work of sales departments. We met with the heads of departments and divisions.

In conclusion, the guys received nice gifts from ZAMMLER GROUP. We were pleasantly surprised by the letters of gratitude written by the guys themselves after the tour. In such a letter, Oleksiy admitted that after the visit he finally decided to go to study to be a logistician and already dreams of working in ZAMMLER GROUP.

We thank the Generation + social platform for the partnership and the opportunity to introduce young people to the logistics industry.

* Generation + is an annual educational program for teenagers belonging to “vulnerable categories” (people from boarding schools and orphanages). The program was created by the CEO Club Foundation and is completely free for participants.


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