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The Akademik Vernadsky station in Antarctica now has a logistic partner from Ukraine

ZAMMLER GROUP of companies has become a partner of the National Antarctic Scientific Center (NASC), which the Akademik Vernadsky station is a part of. The parties has signed the relevant memorandum of cooperation.

The knowledge and experience of logistics experts are especially relevant for the NASC now, since Ukraine has begun a large scale modernization at the Akademik Vernadsky station recently, for the first time in 25 years. So the parties have agreed that ZAMMLER
GROUP will provide free advice to the polar explorers about more simple and effective ways of delivering cargoes to the station and automating storage operations.

Viktor Shevchenko, co-owner of ZAMMLER GROUP, had this to say about the beginning of cooperation: “For us, such partnership is an honour, but also a real challenge. Our company has been on the market for almost 15 years. We provide logistics services all around the world. However, we have never worked under the conditions as difficult as in Antarctica (both climatic and logistic). Therefore, the
company will gain invaluable experience”.

Furthermore, according to Shevchenko, in such a way ZAMMLER GROUP will make its contribution to the development of the Ukrainian and global science.

The NASC director Yevhen Dykyi told that food supplies and 140-150 tons of fuel are delivered to the station once a year. Personnel rotation is also performed: the expedition completing the wintering returns home and is replaced by a new expedition (currently, the
team for the next expedition (the 27th Ukrainian Antarctic expedition) is being formed). Until now, Ukraine, lacking a ship of its own, used commercial freight for performance of all logistics tasks. In August this year, the British research icebreaker James Clark Ross was purchased, which will not only help our scientists with their research but also stimulate the need for quality national logistics.

“There are few ships which can travel to Antarctica. Therefore, their services are expensive. A ship of our own will make the work of our polar explorers in Antarctica much easier. In the future, it will even allow Ukraine to create a sort of a logistics consortium providing services to others, as Antarctic stations are manned by 1000 – 4000 people (depending on the season) from more than 20 countries. Therefore, consultation and expert support provided by a logistic partner is extremely important for us with respect to establishing all the processes”, – Yevhen Dykyi pointed out.

About the NASC: The National Antarctic Scientific Center (NASC) is a state research institution within the structure of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, responsible for ensuring the operation of the Akademik Vernadsky Antarctic station and coordination of Antarctic research in Ukraine. The Center organizes annual Antarctic expeditions to the Akademik Vernadsky station,
located on the Galindez Island, Argentine Islands (West Antarctica). It is usually manned by 12 specialists – 7 scientists (meteorologists, geophysicists, biologists), 3 technicians, a doctor and a cook. The personnel is replaced annually. Expedition members are selected through an open competition. Until now, the Center has organized and supported 26 Ukrainian Antarctic Expeditions
(UAE). Preparation for the 27th UAE is in progress.

About ZAMMLER GROUP: ZAMMLER is a Ukrainian logistics company founded in 2007. It is the first national 3PL operator to enter the international market successfully. Currently, the company is represented in 4 countries (Ukraine, Poland, the PRC and the Republic of Kazakhstan), it has its own vehicle fleet consisting of 143 vehicles and operates 5 modern warehouse complexes. ZAMMLER GROUP includes 5 companies represented by 18 offices. It has logistic partners around the world.

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