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Version of the site for the visually impaired
Version of the site for the visually impaired


 ZAMMLER GROUP presented a new website designed in accordance with modern requirements. One of the features is its adaptability for visually impaired people in accordance with international standards.

“When we developed the new site, we made a discovery for ourselves: social responsibility in ZAMMLER GROUP is no longer just a mandatory part of business, it is a way of thinking. When we started discussing the concept and came up with the idea to make a version for the visually impaired, no one even doubted the feasibility – the decision was made in 1 minute, without long discussions and approvals. Yes, we understand that this version will be used by a small percentage of our audience, but if we have the opportunity to contribute to the development of an inclusive Internet space and make life easier for someone, then why not do it, ” – said ZAMMLER GROUP External Communications Specialist Uliana Kolodii.

Convenience and comfort for users – the main goal we set for themselves when developing an online representation of a group of companies. The new site has a modern design, a simplified structure, more comfortable to perceive colors. The main page now has a video that demonstrates the company’s capabilities and shows the key processes, and site navigation is simplified by a map with ZAMMLER GROUP offices – you can quickly find the company’s contact in the desired country.

“We took into account the information needs of our target audience – conducted a long usability audit, analyzed the customer’s behavior on the site and all the way through the sales funnel. As a result, we have simplified forms to fill out, a clear algorithm for distribution and processing of incoming requests from the site and the most convenient internal administration of the resource. We plan to make a cut in efficiency at the end of the third quarter, but today we can state positive changes, ”- said ZAMMLER GROUP Marketer Iryna Morozova (Stelmakh).

The new ZAMMLER GROUP website is also convenient for media representatives. There is a special section “Media”, where all the interesting information for journalists is collected: press releases, company news, media materials. The company is actively working with the media, and this functionality will provide even faster access to relevant and reliable information.

The technical development and design solution of the site was implemented by the TADAM AGENCY, which has been supporting ZAMMLER in the field of Internet promotion for several years in a row.

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