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How does ZAMMLER GROUP maintain its positions in the European markets?

Oleg Rachov, the Company’s co-owner, spoke about this in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce for the Ukrainian-Polish media platform.

We opened an office in Poland in 2014. The key motivation was as follows: the western direction has always interested ZAMMLER GROUP customers, says Rachov. It was necessary to choose between Poland and Germany, at the time the Company made this decision, 70 per cent of its logistics processes accounted for road transportation. And the goods we delivered to Ukraine were handled and consolidated either in Poland or in Germany.

It was not easy to move to the West, gaining the status of the European company. There is a high competition in the market. In addition, the local banks begin to cooperate only after making sure of the reliability of the partner. In our case, the Polish ones came into contact only from the 4th year of work in the country, says Mr. Rachov.

Currently, ZAMMLER GROUP is represented both in Europe and Asia. The Company ensures road, sea, rail, air transportation, customs brokerage, as well as the warehousing logistics. For those thinking about assigning such tasks, Oleg Rachov has some recommendations: “Pay attention to storage capacity, location of warehouses, the number and cost of services of the operator, vehicles fleet, and IT component, for further system integration.”

The co-owner of ZAMMLER GROUP also spoke in an interview about the Company’s global plans in international markets. In Poland, we want to tap the niche of refrigerated transportation, build our own technical centre. In Germany, the focus is on road transportation. In Kazakhstan, ZAMMLER GROUP is working to establish an office in Karaganda and launch postal shuttles between Nur-Sultan and Karaganda. Follow the link to the interview for more details about our prospects.

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