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Logistics in Quarantine: Lessons for Future

What did the coronavirus teach logistics? Victor Shevchenko, the co-owner of ZAMMLER GROUP, told about how our Company has adapted to the new business conditions in an interview for Espresso: Bila Tserkva TV channel.

During the pandemic, all types of logistics, except warehousing (road, air, rail, sea) lost 20-30 percent of the capacity loading. Despite a small increase in winter, it is not possible to reach the previous volumes. And now Ukrainian companies are also preparing for a new, third wave of coronavirus to come in the autumn. Then everything will depend on a prompt, correct reaction to difficulties. And it will depend whether the market participants will consider the previous experience. “Everyone already knows what it is. Therefore, there is a plan A, B, C. And someone even has D. We also have developed such plans” – told Shevchenko.

The quarantine allowed us to obtain a new experience in terms of remote work. Our company has already shifted to a new schedule: we work remotely (where possible pursuant to job descriptions) a part of the week. Another part of the week is spent already in the office.

The redistribution of responsibilities and workloads is another valuable lesson learnt in quarantine. “When the amount of work in some segments decreased in the midst of the pandemic, we revised the schedules so that those who could would take a paid or unpaid leave. And the tasks were shared among others. That is how we managed to save jobs”, said the co-owner of ZAMMLER GROUP.

Follow the link to learn more about the specific, quarantine experience of our company. Enjoy!

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