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Rail freight

The high carrying capacity of Ukrainian railways forms the great activity of our country in Europe.

A significant part of the import-export turnover between the EU countries and Ukraine is carried out by rail. Ukraine is a corridor along which goods move to Europe from China and other eastern countries. In our company ZAMMLER, you can successfully order freight transportation by rail to all Baltic countries.

The popularity of this type of delivery is that the goods arrive at their destination on time and without delay. After all, rail transport does not depend on a number of factors inherent in aircraft or road transport. When calculating the time, only the need for reloading is taken into account to change wheels, which are automatically not suitable for European rails. There are several such points and our professionals select the best route, depending on the cargo and destination.

Types of rail transportation

Cargo transportation by rail is one of the fastest and safest ways to move cargo over a long distance. Moreover, the longer the distance, the more economical the cost of the route. The optimal indicator is formed from 500 kilometers of track. But if necessary, we discuss any route with clients.

If there is a need for groupage cargo, then railway transportation can be combined, the route includes sea vehicles. And our company takes over, if necessary, all the paperwork procedures. It is possible to organize the delivery of cargo to the railway station. Therefore, freight forwarding by specialists is the most optimal way for customers to send the necessary goods to the right address.

Advantages of cooperation in freight railway transportation with our company

Taking into account the individual characteristics of ZAMMLER rail transport, we can conclude that they have many advantages:

  • Cost. An undeniable advantage that is key for many clients. In most cases, the price depends on the mileage, quantity and characteristics of the cargo.
  • Optimal delivery time. Our company does its best to meet the deadlines specified by customers. A big plus is that railway transport does not depend on weather conditions, rarely breaks down and moves at high speed.
  • Reliability and safety. This is 100% guaranteed by our carrier company, since the appropriate containers and types of wagons are selected for each product.
  • Versatility of transportation. Thanks to the different types of wagons, it is possible to forward almost all types of cargo to any country. Most of them are not suitable for transportation by other means of transport.
  • Based on the above factors, we can conclude that rail freight transportation by our company is the most versatile type of delivery.

Railroad transportation: how is it planned to deliver goods by rail

In order to create an effective and optimal route, a whole staff of specialists is working on it. At the same time, they take into account all the factors that in some way can affect the delivery time and the cost of goods by rail.

The first stage is the delivery of cargo to the railway station. We deliver small and large cargoes by suitable transport, which guarantees safety and integrity. All loading and unloading operations are carried out using the most modern and reliable equipment. At the same time, we provide control over the safety of cargo even at border transshipment stations, regardless of whether, if it is an intermodal route or a railway one.

The planning of our route also includes the features of the cargo itself. Regardless of the type, the company successfully organizes the logistics of the routes so that it is delivered to Europe on time. At the same time, the formation of the flexibility of the route does not affect the cost, the price of railway cargo transportation remains enviably beneficial for everyone who contacts our company.


Transportation of goods by train

Railway dispatch of goods is carried out systematically, and specialists have time to quickly arrange the necessary route for each application. At the same time, the basis for signing any contract for the carriage of goods is an individual approach to the client and the development of the most favorable conditions for the implementation of his plans.

Railway delivery of goods is a unique opportunity for cooperation, both with individuals and with large companies.


Assistance in organizing the transportation of goods by rail

Our carrier company assumes all obligations regarding not just the transportation of goods, but also the execution of the appropriate permits, if we are talking about international goods. Services include absolutely the whole range of solutions to issues related to legal, fast, reliable delivery. Thanks to correctly created logistic routes, now we can talk about the complete automation of the entire work of the railway environment. So you can trust us.

Prices for railway transportation of our company

The cost of transportation by rail depends on many factors. Among them:

  • the type and characteristics of the cargo;
  • stipulated delivery times;
  • combining a route;
  • warehouse services;
  • brokerage services;
  • cargo insurance;
  • preparation of accompanying documents;
  • route length;
  • other individual wishes of the client.

Thanks to the wide network of railways in Ukraine, it is now possible to deliver any cargo even to the most remote corners of different countries. And we are successfully completing such orders.

How to order freight rail transportation from us? 

To order railway transportation of goods, you should contact our company. Describe the point of departure and destination, type of goods, volume, delivery time, delivery terms and be sure to clarify all the wishes and additional requirements of customers. We will draw up the necessary route, offer the optimal conditions of transportation, as well as all the necessary services for its registration and insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients are often worried about how reliable it is to use the services of railway transport, whether it is possible to quickly implement the necessary route and how this will affect the cost. With these and other questions, you can contact our consultants who will provide comprehensive answers, as well as offer a number of options, among which each client will surely find an acceptable one for himself.

Trust us with valuable cargo, because we have confirmed our reputation over the years of conscientious work in the market.

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