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Transport logistics

Transport services from Zammler

Freight transportation from ZAMMLER company is an opportunity for each client to organize a profitable and fast route across Ukraine and Europe. We do not just offer to deliver the goods from point “A” to point “B”, but we are fully responsible for it.

All types of transport for the transportation of large-sized and small-sized cargoes are available to customers. Depending on the characteristics and terms of delivery, we can build a route, organize transportation by road, air, rail or sea.




Benefits of transport services from Zammler

Delivery of goods is always a responsibility on the side of the company and we guarantee each client that his goods will arrive at the address on time. By ordering transport services for the transportation of goods in our logistics company, you will see the advantages of working with us, namely:

■ the possibility of multimodal transportation;
■ documentary registration of goods;
■ personal responsibility for the cargo at every stage of transportation.






Assistance in paperwork for cargo transportation

Paperwork for cargo is an important stage in preparing cargo for transportation. And we exempt the client from this responsibility, taking it entirely upon ourselves. After all, transportation services from our company include legal support for each route.

Organization of cargo transportation is carried out carefully and scrupulously and a whole team of our employees is involved in it. Therefore, all kinds of certificates, insurances, permits and customs declarations are legalized. As the organization of cargo transportation abroad includes various checks of domestic and foreign customs. And clients often do not have enough time to carry out all these procedures.

The cost of transport services for the carriage of goods

Freight rates depend on many factors:

■ route length;
■ characteristics of the cargo;
■ requirements for terms and conditions of delivery;
■ the need for documentary support;
■ insurance.

Thanks to the services provided by our company, clients save their time significantly.

Types of freight

Cargo transportation that we offer to our clients can be carried out by different types of transport:

■ automobile;
■ railway;
■ maritime;
■ by air.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. For example, we transport perishable and valuable goods by air and road transport, bulk equipment and industrial machines – by rail and sea transport.

How to order transport services?

To order transportation of goods, contact a company that guarantees the quality of transportation. We will be happy to help you to deliver the required cargo anywhere in the world. The cargo delivery service works smoothly, so you can contact us at any time. Contact our consultant to find out more information about the cost and terms of delivery.


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